780 sivsivsiv | 19/11/2010

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780 sivsivsiv | 19/11/2010

Post  sivsivisv on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:55 am

So, I was playing on your server, like I have been for the past few days. Only managed to play 2 and a half map today, before Mister decides to ban me because someone shouts: "omg sivsivsiv wallhack aimbot" and then someone says "yeah, it's true", a second later, Mister decides to ban me, without even watching me in spec or even giving it a thought.

I play this game "competetively" with promod, and played it like that since PAM was first introduced. There is a huge skill difference between your public community and then the promod community. I like the occasional public game, since it's alot different from the Call of Duty I know, but these things happen way too many times. Me and my clanmates have been banned on several servers for no reason, we're just topping the scoreboard and that's not acceptable to the server admins I guess. Looks like you're just banning people because they are better than you. Sounds fair huh?


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Re: 780 sivsivsiv | 19/11/2010

Post  (102)Mister on Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:02 pm

Sorry dude but i was spectate you and i know that tale
From promod clean players and you was hacking.
And we dont ban players just because they are more good than us, we ban
Players who cheats.


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