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Be modest. This is a public server.

Rule #1: No racism of any kind
Rule #2: No Map glitches! or be out of them
Rule #3: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave)
Rule #4: No abusive language or behavior towards (102) Members or other players
Rule #5: No TEXT SPAMMING...Keep your wall spamming to a minimum.
Rule #6: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else
Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers
Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language (in any language)
Rule #9: Don't accuse someone of hacking unless you have solid proof i.e. a video footage.
Rule #10: Respect all players, joking allowed but no harassing
Rule #11: No Hacking, illegal drivers or programs like aimbot, wallhack, no recoil, etc.
Rule #13: No Blocking of any kind is permitted on any map!
Rule #14: No TEAMSWITCHING! to get on the winning team,
Rule #15: No BOUNCE on our server.
Rule #16: (No Idiot's) No acting in a disrespectful manner, No obnoxious or disruptive behavior, No Whining!
Rule #17: Do not discuss politics, religion or any other potentially emotional topic in our server.
Rule #18: If you are a MEMBER or ADMIN you can`t belong to other clan.
Rule #19: We donĀ“t want a week or month members, or just for a be admin.
Rule #20: All PERKS are allowed on our server.

If you are found in breach of these rules you will be banned.
(102) reserves the right to ban you at anytime and does neither have to supply a warning or reason as to why you have been banned.

Admins have the right to take corrective action (kick/temp ban/perm ban) against any player who breaks a rule. It is up to you to obey the rules. Please help us make the server a better place for everyone.

We think are a simply rules that anyone can do, for any question you can conntact us by email at the102clan@hotmail.com



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