Unfair ban.

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Unfair ban.

Post  Klaas on Sun Oct 23, 2011 9:13 am

I stayed banned by the administrator - [102] YourMother which under the influence of frustration because probably only so was he ban me for cheating unfair.
After two shots into the head it happened exactly after killing him.
I will also add that I on this server am already very long playing and not even once there I was still judged for cheating. Evil or Very Mad
Of course i'm from Poland like yours admin.
Badź sprawiedliwy gościu i mnie odbanuj.
Jeśli dla Ciebie ktoś taki jak ja oszukuje to dla mnie komplement.

My GUID: 1e0d34d6

Nick: Klaas

Data: 23, October, 2011


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Re: Unfair ban.

Post  (102)YourMother on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:54 am

You make me laught when i read this.
First of all you are very cheeky guy .
After you kill me i go in specter and that you haven't notice. And you Know what i see and why you get banned.
I see a Klaas who sits around the corner then he aim trough wall (with sniper rifle) and swing by the corner to give a direct headshot fast and hide again . And im wonder how the hell he know WHEN swing to give a shot. So he must have seen trough wall or he have secial powers.
I dont belive in fairytales to you get Wallhack ban!

I dont unban you

Wiec powodzenia z cheatami na innych serverach>

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