Hey guys,im expGamer01 (bind ban) :|

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Hey guys,im expGamer01 (bind ban) :|

Post  exPGamer01 on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:23 am

I was playing in your server like always be,and some guys putted some binds to joke
I put one too because i already know very members of "102" and didnte think they proçeed like this in me,THEY KNOW ME,i was banend unfair i think : Shocked

The moment that admin says "no more spam binds or bann" i already typed the bind and didnt saw,it was at the same time,
I was apologise but i dont even get time because i was banned in a couple of seconds :S
I know luis.pt and jack,they are cool guys and always kick hackers in the moment,i really apreçiat that server

Once more Sorry
Regards exPGamer01


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