EpicZ tempbanned :(

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EpicZ tempbanned :(

Post  EpicZ on Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:59 am

Hello, I have been tempbanned two times today. Both times I were
tempbanned by (102) JaCk and both times the reason was No recoil.
But I have recoil so I'm not sure why he thinks that I don't have
But I can think of some reasons why it might LOOK like I don't have
1. There is a bug that makes it look like there is no recoil if you spectate.
(at least there is one on 1.0, I don't know if was fixed on 1.7)

2.A lot of times I scope out pretty much as I shoot, maybe that makes
it look like I don't have any recoil?

3. Many times I shoot without holding breath and I am pretty accurate
without holding breath too, so then maybe you think that I don't have
any recoil since I a lot of times hit without holding breath.
Example: If there is a lot of people at the same place I first shoot while
holding breath, but after that it takes too long to wait for it to "re-hold" breath
so then I shoot without holding it.

The names I have used is "EpicZ", "Scopez", "$c0p3z" or "{SA}CPT|EpicZ".
{SA} stands for Snipers Academy.
I would never cheat or hack.

You can search for Snipers Academy on google, becaue I wasn't allowed to post
external links. Razz

Thank you for your time. Very Happy



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Re: EpicZ tempbanned :(

Post  (102)Turkleton on Wed Aug 17, 2011 5:40 am

hey this is turk, (if u want know =P) i dont think that he hacks, hes just very good player.

greez turk

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