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Post  ciastek on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:33 am

Hey folks.
I wasnt active on this forum but as I played for some time on your server I would
like to state some things. Maybe I've made mistake... Maybe i should shut the f*ck up as
someone said when sticking nose into not my buisness.. But thats my nature I can't change
it. I've seen so much hatred in communities I was before and 102 isnt exception. It's a pity to watch people leave or being kicked because misunderstanding and personal affections. Looks like people will always be people. Since when I was invited here by Yourmother I met many great people. I really enjoyed playing here with all these malakas and white horses Smile
No matter what some of you might think I respect and like you all guys at least these
persons I had chance to know a bit. This server was my 'home server' for some time.
I think my specific personality made me enemies here and maybe friends too(I hope so Rolling Eyes).
I would like to sorry some of you for what I said bad or did and thank all of you for that
entire good time here. Maybe I treat it to serious but still you guys deserve my farewell Smile
Time to move on and I wish you all good luck with further expanding this great community Smile
Sorry for my not-so-good english and this wall of text Shocked
ciastko! signing off


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