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'Sup everyone :D Empty 'Sup everyone :D

Post  Cheesus on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:19 am

Well, im not really that new on the cod4 102 servers but I am new in the forums Smile
Im gonna write this quick because its 01:16 AM and im tired as hell..
You can find me on the 102 servers under the name of x Cheesy or x Cheesy-Sniper <-------- I dont use this account alot, its my montage account which i record sniping clips in.
My favourite / favorite sniper rifle is the M40A3.
My favourite / favorite gun is the AK-47 Smile
My favourite / favorite pistol is the Deagle ^^

Well that was it, c'ya around on the servers / forum ^^

P.S - I play mostly on cod4.


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