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Post  Reaper on Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:25 am

ok, i've had it with the "admin" fuzz, maybe some will jump to the conclusion that i don't care since i recently recieved my admin right. But that's not the case, i don't know if my application is still on the forum but in my application i said i didn't wan't admin back then cuz i'm a very busy person and after my illness i've also got a very fragile body. Think it's something about my immune system thing won't recover for a long time or something. Anyway, it's true that most admins is in game at evening, but that doesn't mean that you can't reach them on xfire does it? anyways, most people here works and that means they come home late. But i'm mostly available at day time(before evening). I might not be on xfire on the weekends because we're having a concert up and we practice on the weekends. But i'll do my best to keep the server clean as often as i can! Also what's up with this "there's no admins, i leave?" thing? I totally respect your opinion but it's funny that it's almost just new recruits which nag about admin rights, I mean like i've been a member for a really long time, for example i played at the time when "Ter!" still was teritorix ( sorry if i misspelled xD) and on the time just after player "Serenity" came back as "(ex102)Serenity with aimbot and all that fuzz... But what i mean to say and hopefully this will reach everyone in the clan. Admin rights means responsibility, that's the main reason i did not wan't admin in the first place, because you need to know the clans policy, rules, ways of acting, what kind of players come to server, what connections do we have and lots and lots of more stuff. i've read the most posts about people leaving cuz of the admin issue, let me tell you one thing then! our server is probadly on the top 10 list of cleanest servers! the only problem which remains is "Amok" but he and his retardness rapes the game -.-' However when members which has been in the clan for a month or maybe a little more gets angry about not recieving Admin rights it kinda pisses me off because on month ain't a trustable period for a admin candidate. Think of it, when you got to join you had to put a "R" infront of the clan tag, why's that? it's because you're a recruit and you will remain a recruit after that week for a long time, maybe it's different now. I don't know... i joined when the 102eu site was used and we kinda had a different policy back then. But listen! anyone that can take care of a server as a Admin has to be patient which not many here is since it's like most people se admin as a promotion. I ensure you it's not. Admin is a responsibility given to you because the server owners think that they might need some assistance and they trust you because they have seen you play and know what kind of person you are. If it's something i've missed or something you wan't to ask, go ahead and ask me Smile

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