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Post  fuck6 on Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:26 am

Hey guys

I want to apply if this is possible i would like to be squad leader i know we dont have a promod server but that can be fixet we can rent a server for 2 hours for free when we want to practice i know much spots for nades and i also know how to walk

I need a team that can play good together that nobody think he needs to play alone like in TDM all first of all is that we can build a team that can play with teamspeak to know when my team mates say somthing i haer for that. Also the guys dont need only teamspeak a good witking headset is what you need also to understand and to speak. Nex thing why you need a good is that you can play with sound and this is verry important if we want to play good. I also need players that got no problems with punkbuster that we every time can play a war if we want.

The map what we chose as home map must be verry tactical and all guys in the team need to play this map verry well that we never lose on our home map. I think that we can chose Backlot crossfire or vacant. The thing why i dont call crash is every guy can play this map easy its too easy so i think backlot is the best because we are werry strong there

Server: On the server will run GGC GV + Punkbuster that there cant be a cheater on. It will be also runn promod on it and we will play SnD so verry tactical

SnD: Search and Destroy,
verry easy to explain two teams one defence and one attack team the attackteam needs to plant a bomb and the defence team needs to defuse the bomb or save the bomb places A and B. We never will play with more than 5 peoples because than its too much for SnD than we also could play TDM

thanks for reading,


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