Kill streaks for black ops and mw2

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Kill streaks for black ops and mw2

Post  (102)dz_nuts on Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:10 pm

hey guys its nuts here and i was just wondering what kill streaks you guys and girls use in MW2 and mostly Black Ops
for MW2 i use 3,5,7 UAV, Predator, and attack helicopter
for Black Ops i use 3,5,8 UAV, Care Package, and Blackbird but i do plan to change it from Care Package to Counter UAV

now i could use shit like 8,9,11 but i think thats way to cheep with the chopper gunner and dogs or gunship cuz then you can get scores where you go like 124 and 9 but more than half your kills are from your killstreaks and it steams my beans when shit like that happens cuz it takes almost no skill the get them. If you do use that set up im not saying your bad im just saying its cheep and you should really try something else like 3,4,8 then see how good you do

oh and my Black Ops is for the xbox and i also have MW2 for it and my killstreaks for it are 3,4,5 UAV, Counter UAV, and Predator

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Re: Kill streaks for black ops and mw2

Post  (102)MaxPower on Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:56 pm

CoD4 - 3,5 and 7

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