how to do Binds colored writing

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how to do Binds colored writing Empty how to do Binds colored writing

Post  fuck6 on Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:38 am

hey guys many of you ask how to make the fast colored wrining ingame(cod4) the thing is you need to make bind colored writing is easy just make a ^1 or ^2 -^0 or ^9

^0 = black
^1 = red
^2 = green
^3 = yellow
^4 = blue dark
^5 = light blue
^6 = pink
^7 = white

so now you need to make a bind you go in youre call of duty folder and open youre config you go in players frofile and on youres there you found the cfg you need open it with wordpad and make youre own bind like bind f3 "say ^2Headshot by ^1(102) fuck6!"
F3 is the button you set the bind on now you just need to save it go ingame and try it out how its working

At vista much peoples dont find there profile in the folder look at the top there must be somthing like that in the red box here you find youre things idk how it is on windows 7 but thats all first so guys let me know if its working and if you have any problems ask me maybe i can help you


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how to do Binds colored writing Empty Re: how to do Binds colored writing

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 29, 2010 12:18 am

and delayed multibind like this
bind F3 "say_team ^7[^6x^7] searching [^6(102)^7].cfg; wait 500; say exec GAME.cfg; wait 500; say_team ^7[^6x^7] ^7loading ^6(102).cfg; wait 500; say_team ^7[^6x^7] DONE ^7[^6x^7]"

paste it in your cfg


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