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Post  Reaper on Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:38 am

Hi! i'm playing as "Reaper" in call of duty 4 and i would like to join (102) if it's possible. I classify myself as a decent player. i'm currently trying to learn how to quick scope with bolted snipe+acog. i play like 3-6 hours/day on (102) public TDM Eu server. the main reasons i want to join is ofc that this clan contains many nice and polite persons. besides that is that the server provides good ping and it has almost no hackers, because the godly admins perm ban them;) experience? well i've been in one ordinary clan, one "glitching" clan and one multi international gaming clan. I've been admin and mod so i'm familar with the rcon tool, however i do not wish to be an admin nor mod, it's to much work and i got school up in my ass. and not to mention all the whining from the hackers before they get banned.

if there is anything else just ask:) i'm a very open person.

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You are a new Member

Post  (102)Mister on Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:14 am

Hello Reaper:

We accepted to you as a new member of 102 , please set the R in your tag for one week (102R)Reaper, the R means (recruit and is for other members know that u are a new in 102) then you can delete it in one week.

WELCOME TO 102 CLAN , fair play and have fun

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