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Post  fuck6 on Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:47 am

so maybe we can make this as our forum for our clanwars or somthing

Today i played a 2on2 with achilles and it was good the only problem are
teamspeak does not work ho i need to play good Razz achilles headset is new so it doesnt matter was just for fun but if we want realy war gaming you need to correct it i think you will do Smile
next problem were the gaming at promod all wars what we will play we will play on promod so if we want play wars learn to play on promod and play often next thing is SnD we need to practicing the SD positions ingame IF we make a war team but for the first time it mades a lot of fun hope we do that agian but 5on5 is the best 2on2 sucks so dont worry achilles good job

we lost ingame but we won teamplay not much because teamspeak but we get a bit if we play more often we dont even need teamspeak anymore Razz but that is the thing we must work on it

greetz fuck6


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