Punkbuster Problems? Solve it Here

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Punkbuster Problems? Solve it Here

Post  (102)OverPain on Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:54 am

Since finally PB is on and this beloved server will be clean again, if you have any problems let's discuss them here.

Concerning lagspikes, they are pretty common to Windows 7 users.
These are some commands i have found from another forum and have worked for me.

in game console~ before joining game

/pb_system 0

/pb_security 0

Create a file 'pbcl.cfg' in PB:
(un-hide hidden folders Tools folder options)
Windows 7 PB location is:

pb_sleep 500
pb_security 0
pb_system 0

PB_Security [0=no, 1=yes]
When set to 0, PunkBuster will accept all "update" files without verifying that they are authentic; the default is 1 which should not normally be changed except for LAN environments where there is no Internet Access and/or you fully trust the Servers you are connecting to

PB_Sleep [Period]
Holds the period of time (milliseconds) that PunkBuster "sleeps" between processing cycles; the default is 60; lower numbers will cause PunkBuster to process events more times each second which also has the effect of increasing the bandwidth used by PunkBuster. 500 ms is the maximum allowed.

PB_System [0/1]
PB can conflict with other software on some systems due to vigorous memory scanning; Changing this setting may reduce or eliminate conflicts if you have problems on your system; this setting can only be changed before connecting to a server

When in game server, type in the console /pb_sv update so that you have the latest pb updates.

Also, forward the ports 28960 and 28962 to your routers.


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